"Just thinking to myself, I would like to hire you! How the hell did you sell me a duck for ... dollars?! I have some cars for you to sell too! PS, I love that bird! Buy the best, you never lose."
-- A New York Decoy Collector

Elliston Bluebill Drake Decoy

Patten's Doctor Office - Original Paint Sign

New Jersey Decoy - Sprague Flying Brant Shourd - Underside

Mason Challenge Black Duck

Backgammon Gameboard Original Paint Folk Art

Crowell Blue Winged Teal Decoy

Cow Weathervane Folk Art

Crowell Miniatures - Song Bird Decoys

Early Mason Challenge Canvasback Drake Decoy

"Russ, Thank you for the straight up reply. If I were an antique dealer I would operate with the same honesty and willingness to share as you have always done with me. There is a reason for your success and my respect."

-- A Southern Collector/Dealer

"Love the book, it arrived, no problem. Had I realized that you were the author I would have asked you to sign it! I would also like to thank you for your personalized thank you and offer to follow up with discussion and any questions. These days such personal commitments are more and more becoming a thing of the past. I enjoy Art and antiques. I grew up in a house of antiques, as my father was one to hunt out quality bargains! I've always appreciated duck Decoys, but don't know that much about them, I felt it was time to learn more."

-- An Ohio Decoy Collector Novice

"...I have had several business dealings with Russ Goldberger and have always found him to be a man of tremendous integrity who has a vast knowledge of his field. Recently I purchased an investment quality decoy from him. Upon opening the shipping box and examining my purchase I found what I believed was a discrepancy between the description and the observation I made... I emailed Russ and within a few minutes he called me back. I told him about my observation and he asked me to send him a photo which I promptly did. He called me back promptly and admitted the mistake. After speaking with me he consulted another person for additional expert advice to how this might affect the value of the bird. The next morning after pondering the additional advice and recent auction prices, I suggested a price adjustment and we quickly came to terms satisfactory to all.

"Having spent my entire professional career in a courtroom, I have had the opportunity to observe numerous transactional disputes. How refreshing it is in this day and time to see that there are still men who stand by their word."

-- A Southern decoy collector

"I noticed the Mason Premier is sold ... I believe this is the last of the seven decoys I sent you. It is hard to believe a year has passed since you received them. I want to thank you for your help and let you know I will recommend you to anyone I know that could use your services.

"Nice to have (my entire decoy collection) sold. You have been exceptional!"

-- A Pennsylvania decoy and folk art collector

"Thanks you are by far the best and most understanding dealer I have dealt with."

-- A Southern decoy collector

"...the high quality and broad number, of species represented in your latest posting is a feast for the eyes. For me as a sculptor and printmaker, viewing them is a designer's delight... a learning experience, and a history lesson. Best wishes for a successful show in November!"

-- A decoy collector/interior designer

"...I want to personally thank Russ Goldberger. I also wish to highly recommend RJG Antiques to all new potential collectors and customers. My experience has been exceptional and I greatly appreciate Russ for his expertise and experience."

-- A Maryland buyer

"Thanks again, i've never had such a pleasant and easy exchange before, u rock."

-- A Northwestern decoy collector

"Thank you for working with me to get the decoys. You have been a big help and class act about the whole process."

-- A new decoy collector from the South

"I met Russ and Karen Goldberger in Ogunquit Maine in July 1997. This was my first decoy show and auction and a real good education. I stopped by Russ's booth and we visited about me being new to the hobby. He asked what I liked and I told him I really didn't know yet. He recommended that I just buy what I like and the highest quality I could afford.

"Over the years I purchased several Decoys from Russ and have had him sell several birds from my collection. I brought about a dozen birds to pheasant run for Russ to sell in April. There were a few that I brought home as we didn't come to an agreement on pricing however, he had a separate table set up for my birds in his showroom and over half were sold during the week. Russ was also very aggressive with promotion and had pictures of several of my birds on his website and in decoy magazine. I would receive a check with in about 10 days of notification of a sale.

"A friend asked me why I had Russ sell the birds as opposed to putting them in the auction. I guess I never even considered the auction because I had full confidence that Russ would be able to find a good home for my birds and I would achieve my monetary goals. Russ has been enjoyable to work with and I would recommend him highly."

-- A Midwestern decoy collector

"I appreciate your willingness to work with me – and also I appreciate the service you provide and your expertise and professionalism."
-- A Midwestern Decoy Collector

"I truly wish you could have seen my wife's face when she opened the box. She could not believe her eyes. I didn't really realize how much she wanted the bird until she saw it in her hands. The look on her face was absolutely priceless. Many thanks for working with me on this. She said she had twice looked on your web site and was so sorry to see it had been sold. One of my best surprises in over 35 years of buying Christmas presents. Thanks again,"

-- A Midwestern folk art collector

"Russ, I have always felt you earned my words. You run a business exactly like I ran mine. Justifiable high cost for a superior product. I have never had 'buyer's remorse' when dealing with you or 'seller's remorse' when you sold several of my birds..."

-- A decoy collector

"I really appreciate the work you do - and very impressed and happy that you have made a living, and left your mark on the world while doing something you are passionate about. You are living the American dream - keep going. Thanks again,"

-- A Southern decoy collector

"I am very happy with the table, and it is nice to know that there is a dealer out there that you can trust and things are exactly like they say."

-- A Midwestern collector

Ward Bros Bluebill Decoy Pair

Gameboard Parcheesi Folk Art

Lincoln Brant Decoy

O'Bourne Fire Bucket Folk Art

Miniature Decoy Collection

Mason Glasseye Dove

Robin Hooked Rug Folk Art

Crowell - Running Black Duck Miniature Decoy

Folk Art Mariners Box or Seaman's Chest in Original Paint

Mason Curlew Decoy

Mason Tackeye Merganser Pair

"Thanks for the sales you have facilitated in the past. Very professionally done and greatly appreciated."

-- A Pennsylvania bird carving collector

"Thank you sooooo much!!! THIS service you gave me is why I love America! In my country -- no way! I do more than appreciate it! ... I'm really grateful."

-- From an overseas decoy customer

"I appreciate all that you have done for me, and your effort! Thank you again for all the time you have given me."

-- A Southern decoy consignor

"That's great news! I thought this may take some time, but you got a good price and very quickly. I really appreciate your help on selling the Masons. You made the process very easy for me."

-- A Massachusetts decoy collector

"Recently I listened to your podcast with Martin Willis. I enjoyed your enthusiasm. Your business sense is inspiring. I totally get it."

-- A New England antique dealer

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help us dispose of some of our collection. Working with you has been a pleasure."

-- A retiring Midwest collector/dealer

"Thanks for the New Hampshire Show e-mail and the array of inventory to be brought to the Show by other dealers. Your efforts have provided a significant service to those of us on your data bank and to these other dealers... a gesture not often witnessed in today’s rough and tumble world."

-- A Colorado attorney and antique collector

"I have dedicated my entire adult life to waterfowling, hunting and fishing, the last 30 years, decoy carving, and being a student of the art form. The rich history fascinates me still. To have my work on such a prestigious site as yours makes me smile. I've always admired your knowledge and ability to share your passion for decoys and folk art. If I ever hit the lottery, I'm coming to you for a Mason Premier wigeon drake!"

-- An Ohio decoy carver and collector

"I don't know how anybody with even half an eye could doubt but that you consistently have the finest antiques and decoys of ANY dealer."

-- An Ohio folk art and decoy collector

"The order arrived safe and sound. A great job of packing! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Very professional from start to finish! By the way, thanks for picking up the shipping."

-- A Massachusetts antiques dealer

"The owl will be a great addition to our collection. Thank you for your website and the learning center it has been a big help in our collecting over the years."

-- An Ohio decoy collector

"I have a great deal of respect for your opinion, and so you taking time to let me know what you think is especially appreciated. We've known each other a long time, and during that time I have never heard anything but 'good things' about the Goldbergers. That is saying something for both you and your wife."

-- A Southern decoy collector

"My most sincere thanks for your honesty and integrity ... you are truly a man of your word, and I applaud your honesty ... another dealer [burned] me big time in past years, which has always made me skeptical. You, however, have the integrity that he never had. Any future decoys I decide to sell, you can be assured I will contact you first ... many thanks for response to the problem -- I won't forget it!"

-- A New England decoy collector

"I wanted to thank you for the way in which you dealt with me. ... I had wanted to sell for more than a year, and I think it has ended up temporarily with someone who can enjoy it. My hope now is that you will sell it ... and I think that's what's going to happen at the Antique Show... My joy has been having it in the house for these thirty odd years. Now it is yours.

"So good luck to you! It's your turn and thank you for the gentlemanly skills you maintained throughout our discussions. It's rare to find them any more."

-- A Canadian collector

"My ol' dad once said you never know how good a business is until there is a problem and you see how they handle it. Then you know how really good they are... You handled our little problem very well, thank you."

-- A New England antique and decoy collector


"I want you to know how much I appreciate your handling the ... decoys consigned to you and the very fair settlement. Thank you, again, for a professional job, and I can highly recommend you and your service to anyone. Kindest regards..."

-- A New York decoy collector

"Thank you for the time you took to educate me and discuss investing in birds. It is my belief that service and integrity are worth a premium which is why you can expect business from me ... "
-- A Midwestern decoy and antiques collector

"Thanks again for the super job of packaging Russ, I am quite sure we would had had damage if you did not wrap so well. You have brought a smile to our face's with this newest member in our collection."

-- A Midwestern decoy collector


"I just wanted to jot you a note to express our appreciation for helping us locate a dealer at the Heart (Show) preview and suggesting we see ***'s booth as well. We both feel you went above and beyond in doing this and exhibited true professionalism in doing so."

-- A Midwestern antiques collectors

Your eagle weathervane arrived yesterday in perfect condition -- perfectly packed -- waybill tracking number faxed as requested, which facilitated and speeded up customs clearance and delivery -- professional job! The eagle gets more beautiful every moment. I am thrilled!...And I put a pretty good mark-up on it -- the object is worth it ... "

-- A European antiques dealer

" ... we really enjoyed our visit (and) appreciate your looking out for us. Every time I visit your home, it seems like there are more and more pieces I really like ... We'll stay in touch."

-- A Midwestern folk art collector

"Thanks for keeping me apprised of upcoming shows. The fine quality of your birds and antiques is greatly appreciated, and always an educational experience. The Crowell decoys shown this time are a feast for the eyes, and your podcast left me with a greater understanding of you as a person, and an increased appreciation for the way you learned the business -- and improved upon it. There is no substitute for integrity."

-- A Western antique and decoy collector

"I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the cupboard is up close (as if you did not know). The ***'s loved it, of course, and I am excited about having it in the living room. (It is) absolutely perfect for the space. Mr. ***, who is wary of antiques and their little chips and nicks from age, just kept repeating how perfect it was for the house ... Thank you again for your patience and your communication in getting the cupboard to us in New York."

-- A New York interior designer

"Thanks very much for arranging for the sale of my decoy collection. You handled all details with great professionalism."

-- A Connecticut decoy collector

"I received the Mason mallard pair this afternoon. They arrived nicely tucked away and intact from UPS. I am well pleased with their condition and overall appearance. They’re welcome additions to my existing collection."
-- A decoy collector