If You Are Buying Decoys...

You will NEVER pay more than the marked price.
There are NO 20-28% buyer's premium or shipping charges.*

We know the field. The antique folk art and decoy business has been our ONLY business for over 30 years.

We have assisted many collectors in acquiring the best examples of their chosen field of interest. We have located and placed outstanding examples of American folk art and decoys in the best of collections. Many of these have been published in reference books.

We particularly like to work with new collectors who are committed to building representative collections in areas of their interest. We have had relationships with clients for over 40 years, resulting in some of the most important decoy and folk art collections known.

We approach any relationship with an eye toward helping the collector shape his interests so the collection has some focus. Rarely does a new collector know where he or she wants to end up, and lack of focus can produce expensive accumulations rather than targeted pieces which, in their entirety, represent fine collections.

We sell directly, broker privately, or bid at auction (see below) for a competitive fee.

References provided upon request. Contact us for more information.

If You Are Selling Decoys...

We purchase items or entire collections, or we sell on a consignment basis, when the items are consistent with the type and quality of material we carry. We will pay a high, competitive rate, often exceeding others.

Alternatively, we sell items or collections at an even higher level of return to the consignor with no commission charge. This is accomplished by agreeing with the consignor to an acceptable figure (like an auction reserve), and then guaranteeing that figure to the consignor upon sale.

All transactions are discreet. You are assured of your privacy.

Advantages to Using RJG Antiques Over Auctions

Clients have told us that they have found advantages like these over auctions when consigning their collections to us:

  • High prices achieved that are equal to or exceed auction prices.
  • The certainty of knowing their pieces would sell for at least an agreed-to price.
  • An impeccable reputation and environment to offer their pieces.
  • Instant payment upon completion of each item's sale. No waiting 6 weeks for auction payment.
  • Fast results -- most pieces are sold within weeks of consignment.

Whether placing single items or entire collections, we can help you reach your goal quickly.

References provided upon request. Contact us for more information.

If You Are Buying at Auction

We will represent a limited number of clients at auction if we feel that a client's bid will be competitive. We represent clients at auction when they

  • cannot attend personally
  • prefer our counsel before committing to purchase
  • wish to remain anonymous
  • want to take advantage of our auction bidding experience to purchase at the lowest price

We attend most major auctions and will inspect lots of potential interest to determine if they meet your expectations. If they do, we will bid competitively up to the maximum bid price agreed to beforehand. If there are condition issues, we will call you to discuss and decide whether to bid.

Our fee is a low 10% of the hammer price on successful purchases only. Shipping arrangements can be made through us, at a considerable savings versus auction house charges.

References provided upon request. Contact us for more information.

*International shipments will be charged at our cost.