Our Guarantee

Everything offered for sale by RJG Antiques is guaranteed to be as described on this website, a show tag, or on our written sales receipt. We thoroughly evaluate every item we sell, much as a physician would examine a patient, using our years of experience handling countless similar objects. A careful physical examination of the surface consists of meticulous handling, observation under bright sunlight and, often, inspection with UV fluorescent (black) light. If there is any question, imaging studies are performed including the use of X-ray radiographs. We consult with other experts when we are uncertain.

In describing items for sale, we clearly and unambiguously note any repair or restoration that, in our opinion, has an adverse effect on an item's monetary value. In general, we do not include detailed discussion of obvious signs of use or age that would be expected to have developed as a natural consequence of the passage of time. If by any chance we miss a significant problem, we will promptly take back the item in return for a full refund (limited to the amount of its purchase price).

Our reputation is based on integrity, strict adherence to ethical conduct, and honesty in our dealings with collectors. After being in this business for 40+ years, we believe that, in addition to providing the finest in antiques, folk art, and decoys, the process must be accompanied by an iron-clad, responsible commitment to our customers.