Featured Artist: Steven A. Weaver


“The first time I picked up a piece of bass wood,
I felt bird carving was what I was put on earth to do.”

Steve Weaver Portrait at the Studio

Steve Weaver owns and operates Wakeby Wildlife Bird Carving Studio

Steven A. Weaver has been carving for over forty years. During this time, his creations have consistently won top awards bringing him national recognition. He opened Wakeby Wildlife Studio in Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod to enable him to pursue his art full time.

The Governor of Massachusetts selected Steve to portray the State Bird - the Black-capped Chickadee. His carving was displayed in a 50 state exhibition at the Ward Foundation Museum for an entire summer. Steve also has been chosen to exhibit his carvings at The Duxbury Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA, the Cahoon Museum of American Art in Cotuit, MA, and The Thornton Burgess Society held a one person show highlighting his carvings and paintings for three months at the Green Briar Nature Center in Sandwich, MA.

Steve Weaver - Miniature Kestral Decoy

Carved Miniature American Kestrel
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA
Early 21st Century, 6 1/2" tall

Steve Weaver - Miniature Kingfisher Decoy

Carved Half-Size Belted Kingfisher
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA
Early 21st Century, 8" tall x 4 1/2" long

Steve has been invited to give lectures and demonstrations throughout New England. These presentations focus on the history of traditional carving and the development of contemporary techniques in the art of bird carving. He takes pride in attention to detail, whether it is a representation of an antique gunning bird or a realistic contemporary carving.

In order to share his knowledge of carving, Steve has offered workshops through The Cahoon Museum of American Art, Heritage Museums and Gardens, The Nantucket Historical Society, The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History as well as The Thornton Burgess Society. He gives instruction to meet the needs of both novice and experienced carvers in the ever-changing art of bird carving.

Steve also is an accomplished professional restorer of early decoys, miniatures and decorative bird carvings. He has restored carvings of most of the early New England master carvers including Elmer Crowell, Joe Lincoln, Lothrop Holmes and Luther Nickerson. This hands-on association with these carving legends has played a significant role in the evolution of Steve’s work. Many of his recent carvings and paintings have been inspired by these turn of the century carvers.

Steve Weaver - Painting at Desk

Steve painting at his desk

* * *

A note from Steve:

"In addition to my artistic output through Wakeby Wildlife Studio, I am a devoted advocate of nature preservation and education, both as an outdoorsman and through my work with the Thornton W. Burgess Society. Next time you’re on the Cape, stop by the Thornton W. Burgess Museum and the Green Briar Nature Center. Thank you for your consideration."

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We are honored to offer for purchase a fine collection of Steve’s carvings.
Write or call us if you have questions or interest.


Steve Weaver - Miniature Swan Decoy

Carved Miniature Swimming Mute Swan
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA, Early 21st Century, 4 1/2"


Steve Weaver - Miniature Pheasant Carved Decoy

Carved Miniature Standing Ring-Necked Pheasant Rooster
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA, Ca. Early 21st Century, 5 1/2" long x 4" high

Steve Weaver - Miniature Merganser Pair Decoys

Carved Pair of Miniature Swimming Redbreasted Mergansers
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA, Early 21st Century, 4 1/2" long each

Steve Weaver - Mini Grouse Decoy

Carved and Painted Miniature Ruffed Grouse
Steve Weaver, Forestdale, MA, Early 21st Century, 4"




Used with Permission. Steven A. Weaver/Wakeby Wildlife Studio. https://www.wakebywildlifestudio.com