The McCleery Mason Premier Canada Goose Decoy
Ca. 1905

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Early example with snakey head in strong original paint. Filled in-the-making back crack. Carries the Sotheby's label from 2000 (lot 254).

One of the best examples we have offered. This exact decoy is pictured in our Mason Decoys book, page 81.

Mason stopped making goose decoys in 1913, probably because of customer reluctance to lug these heavy decoys into the field and a short supply of quality Northern Michigan cedar. They suggested substituting their brant decoy, an unsuccesful alternative; we have never seen a Mason brant decoy with a hunter-added white cheek patch.

The decoy collection of Dr. Jim McCleery was auctioned for the still-record $11.3 million at Sotheby's in January 2000.

24" long.

ITEM # 20524