Oversized Quebec Goldeneye Drake and Hen Pair
Attributed to Clement Cinq-Mars (1918-1983), Longueuil, Quebec, Ca. 1940's

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Untouched rigmates with slightlly turned heads and raised, delineated wing detail, in strong, detailed original paint. Drake has an age shrinkage neck crack.

From Chat GPT: Clement Cinq-Mars was a Canadian artist born in Longueuil, Quebec in 1918 and passed away in 1983. He was known for his unique style of creating decoys, which were used for hunting and fishing.

Cinq-Mars started carving decoys in the 1940s and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional craftsmanship. His decoys were highly sought after by hunters and collectors alike, and he became one of the most prominent decoy carvers in Quebec.

Cinq-Mars' decoys were characterized by their realistic and detailed appearance. He would use a variety of woods such as cedar, pine, and basswood to create his decoys, and would often incorporate glass eyes and metal beaks to add to the lifelike quality of his work. He was particularly known for his skill in carving waterfowl, such as ducks and geese.

In addition to being a master carver, Cinq-Mars was also an innovator in the world of decoy-making. He created several new decoy designs that were more effective at attracting birds and fish, and his decoys were often used by hunters and fishermen to increase their success.

Today, Cinq-Mars' decoys are highly prized by collectors and are considered important pieces of Canadian folk art. His legacy lives on through the many decoys he created during his lifetime.

16 1/2" long.

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