Great Blue Heron Confidence Decoy
Henry Ellison, Freeport, Long Island, NY, Ca. 1875

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Removable roothead in excellent original condition. Exceptionally hard to find in original paint. Exhibited at Ward Museum and pictured in "Decoys of Long Island" exhibition book, pages 53 and 66. Ex. Geo Combs. Originally purchased G&S 7/04, lot 728. Heron decoys rarely survive. Few were made as lures for the Victorian millinery trade. Others were used as confidence decoys to lure ducks and shorebirds. Since herons are solitary creatures, hunters rarely made more than one or two. Makers of most heron decoys are unknown. It is exceptional for the maker's name to be documented.

28" long x 32" high (on stand); decoy is 15 1/2" high.

ITEM # 18953