Exceptionally Rare Mason Challenge Barrows Goldeneye Drake Decoy
Ca. 1900

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One of a handful known! Lightly worn, but untouched original paint with vibrant patterns. Neck filler replaced.

Exact decoy is pictured in Dodge and Sharp's book, page 288, and in the May-June '19 issue of "Decoy Magazine" (page 30).

Several colletors have asked whether this decoy might be a Petersen. 20 years ago, we might have assumed so, but more recent research says this is a Mason:

Petersens are crudely carved compared to Dodges or Masons.

Petersens rarely if ever have glass eyes like this one.

Mason decoys of this early vintage are the best and most refined of any that Mason carved and painted.

See our "Mason Decoys" book, pages 120-122, for a discussion and comparison of Petersen and Dodge decoys.

13 1/2" long.

ITEM # 21074