Carved Miniature Ringnecked Pheasant Rooster
Attr. to Thomas Hanson,, Valley City, ND, Ca. 1940's

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Untouched, excellent original condition.

Thomas Hansen. (1895-1964), Valley City, North Dakota is well-known for his bird carvings and they have become "quiet" collectibles and hard to find. Whittled from a block of wood, the talent of Thomas Hansen was shaped out of his childhood disability. Stricken with osteomyelitis at the age of 12, Hansen spent most of his teenage years in a hospital and wheelchair. Sheer boredom allowed Hansen to not only develop an interest in woodcarving, but also turn it into a full-time business. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Hansen often modeled his carvings after game birds. They were said to be so lifelike that game wardens used them as visual aids during lectures and wildlife groups employed them to help teach identification. Hansen whittled his birds in pairs, the different genders each having different colors and feather patterns. Producing several of each species at a time, he first made a pattern that he traced on pine wood. He would then cut out the pattern with a jig saw and carve the details with a jackknife and then sand and paint the carving. A farmer by trade, he turned carving into a full-time business and moved to Valley City. North Dakota.

6" long.

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