Folk Art and Furniture - Other Folk Art
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Large Tramp Art Frame With Matching Easel
Yellow Painted Leather Fire Bucket
Carved Miniature Emperor Penguin
Carved Pheaasant Rooster
Colorful Bait Trade Sign
3-Color Barber Pole Pair
Carved Immature Northern Flicker Plaque
Carved Spread Wing Patriotic Eagle
Swimming Goldeneye Hen Sewing Bird
Large Carved Emperor Penguin
Carved Plaque of Wood Duck Drake in Flight
Carved Miniature Standing Puffin
Early Carved Miniature Pheasant Hen
Carved and Painted Patriotic Uncle Sam Figure
Carved Smallmouth Bass Plaque
Carved American Schooner Plaque
Carved Robin with Open Mouth
Colorful Singing Robin Pair Hooked Rug
Painted Cut-Out Parrot Hanging Shelves
Exceptionally Large Waxed Fruit Arrangement
Folk Art Carved and Colorfully Painted Indian Paddling Canoe Whirligig
Folk Art Carved Fishmonger
Carved Walnut Squirrel With Glass Eyes
Folk Art Carved Cowboy and Indian on Horseback
Moose in Marsh Oil Painting
Carved Full-Size Blue Jay
5 Cent Ice Cream Trade Sign
Carved Man's Scarecrow Head With Felt Hat
Large Victorian Policeman Whirligig
Carved and Gilded Pointing Hand Trade Sign
Fraternal Wooden Axe With Painted Heart in Hand
Small Green Sponge Decorated Dome Top Box

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