Folk Art and Furniture - Other Folk Art
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A Matched Pair of Large Carved Emperor Penguins
Double-Sided Checkers Gameboard
Carved Decorative Pintail Drake and Hen Pair
Carved Half Size Roadrunner
Carved Full-Size Screech Owl
A Life-Size Carving of a Chickadee
Carved Half-Size Ruffed Grouse Pair
Carved Miniature Emperor Penguin
Folky Carved Bird Tree With 6 Songbirds and Owl
Carved Miniature Emperor Penguin
REDUCED PRICE! An Exceptional Parcheesi Gameboard
WAS $2,950  $1,650
REDUCED PRICE! Early Floral Design Hooked Rug
WAS $1,450  $950
Painted 2-Sided Apartment for Rent Sign
Tiny Taghkanic Basket
WAS $450  $315
Painted Cut-Out Parrot Hanging Shelves
WAS $2,850  $2,250
Exceptionally Large Waxed Fruit Arrangement
A Wooden Black and White 2-Sided Incised and Painted oooden Parcheesi Gameboard

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