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George Boyd: The Shorebird Decoy-An American Folk Art Book
"Birds in Wood and Paint-American Miniature Bird Carvings and Their Carvers" Book
"Finely Carved and Nicely Painted" Book
"Minnesota Duck Decoys, Yesterday's and Today's Folk Artists" Reference Book
"Floater and Stick-Ups" Decoy Reference Book
"The American Sporting Collectors Handbook"
North American Decoys Reference Book
"Decoys and Decoy Carvers of Illinois" Book
American Waterfowl Decoys-The Distinguished Collection of Dr. James M. McCleery
The McCleery Auction Book
The Rowland Collection of Elmer Crowell Decorative Bird Carvings
The Harry V. Long Collection of Elmer Crowell Decoys
"The Russell B. Aitken Collection of Wildfowl Decoys" Auction Catalog
Shorebird Decoys Reference Book
American Factory Decoys Book
"Carvng Duck Decoys With Full-Size Templates for Hollow Construction" Book
"American Bird Decoys" Book
The Art of the Decoy: American Bird Carvings Book
The First "Mason Decoys" Book
The Bird Decoy-An American Art Form Book
Decoys Of The Mid-Atlantic Region Reference Book
Duck Decoys and How to Rig Them

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